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Before you choose a boat you should know how many people will be on board. Of course, the selection also depends on your needs and preferences.




1. Which boat should I charter?
Before you choose a boat you should know how many people will be on board.
Of course, the selection also depends on your needs and preferences. We have 30 motor yachts in our charter fleet, luxury boats / gliders and half-gliders.
Are you a group of couples or are there some crew members who want to have their own cabin?
All our yachts are also available without a skipper, but if you need a skipper, he also needs a skipper's cabin.
Need help in choosing your yacht? We are happy to help!

2. Which license do I need in order to charter one of your yachts?
The skipper or the customer who wants to charter a yacht should have a certificate of driving competence. He also must have a VHF certificate.
Do you have a boat skipper certificate? You can obtain the Croatian boat skipper certificate with us.

3. Which licences are recognized in Croatia?
All licences and certificates recognized in Croatia may be found here: (2)MoU 6-2_13.pdf

4. How can I book a boat?
On our web site you can find all our boats with pictures and technical description.
If you still need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.
After you have chosen a boat, we can make an option, i.e. we book the boat for a few days for you, so you can organize your travel plans. (Flight tickets etc.)
If your crew members agree with the period and the boat, please let us know and we will send you a booking confirmation. If you want to finalise the charter, please send us back the confirmation.
After the signing, your charter is fixed and we will prepare the charter contract for you.

5. Is there a car parking area in the marina?
The Marina Kremik has sufficient parking spaces available. Here you can leave your car without having to worry about it. The parking fee per day amounts to 30 Kuna (4 Euros).

6. Are there bed linen, towels and cutlery on board?
Your charter yacht awaits you fully equipped, i.e. it has bed linen, as well as cutlery i and everything needed for cooking on board.
You are also welcome to rent towels from us. Bath towels (5 €), towels (3 €).

7. Is there an Internet connection on board?
All our yachts are equipped with a Wlan router – Internet free of charge. You can connect with all your smart phones, tablets or laptops on board – free of charge. Those who do not have a tablet, get from us a Samsung Tablet to have on board.

8. When should I return the boat?
In case of a Saturdays-charter, the yachts are returned at our base in the Marina Kremik on Friday evenings until 6:00 p.m. and in case of a Wednesday-charter, the yachts are returned by Tuesday evenings until 6:00 p.m. The yachts must be returned an evening before in order to ensure refuelling and early check as well as cleaning of the boats. This way the next guest, who is looking forward to his vacation, gets a clean and functional yacht.

9. Where can I go?
We prepared tour guides for our guests in which we have compiled five selected tours and described them in detail. They contain a detailed route description including the distances between the individual stages, tips regarding harbours, buoys and great anchorages and of course - gastronomic highlights. If time allows it, we can go through your individual tour plans together, before your takeover of the yacht and we can give you some insider tips.

10. Where can I get help if problems occur during the cruise?
You can always reach us directly through our service hotline, no matter what time.
Our team is at you disposal for all problems you may experience. If there are some major problems which cannot be resolved over the phone, our service boats are always ready for possible interventions.

11. Where can I refuel?
The gas station in Marina Kremik is open. We can help your when refuelling. You get the yacht with a full tank and you must return it refuelled. At the end of the marina, near the travel lift / service area, there is a modern gas station in the Marina Kremik. The local staff are well prepared for the refuelling of our yachts and our employees are mostly on the spot to help you dock, take off or refuel. If it is windy, we can also come on board prior to entering the Marina Kremik in order to help you.

12. What are the mooring fees?
The prices vary depending on boat size and season. In classical marinas, they range from 50 to 140 Euros per night. In quiet town harbours a little less and in very busy ports somewhat more, f.i. Hvar or Trogir.

13. Can I reserve moorings or buoys?
In most marinas, an online reservation is possible min. 1 day in advance. Reservations can be made with credit card only and the costs will be charged even if you do not come. If you like, we can book moorings and buoys with some landlords we know. We can also make reservations for you in some quieter city ports. Reservations in hot spots such as Hvar or Trogir are not possible.

14. Is there a boat description?
We have a compact boat description in German language for all yachts. The most important features and controls are described and it also lists where the equipment is located. At the end of each boat description there is a chapter "Trouble Shooting".

15. Do you recommend buying food in Croatia?
You can buy food safely in Croatia. In a radius of about ½ hour drive, various large and small supermarkets are located. Lidl is also well represented in Croatia and it is only about half an hour away from the base in Šibenik and Trogir. The prices in Croatia are basically the same as in Austria or Germany. IMPORTANT: If possible, buy refrigerated goods shortly before the assumption of the yacht and store them promptly in the refrigerator. The refrigerators on our yachts run on 12V or 24V and therefore it is very difficult to cool down hot goods and drinks.

16. When can I take my yacht at the base?
The whole crew at the base is trying to prepare your yacht as quickly as possible. When the yacht was away with other guests before your charter, the crew must leave the yacht at 08.00 a.m. and then we can begin with the check and cleaning of the yacht. We place great value on cleanliness of the yachts and the completeness of the equipment on board. Our mechanics and electricians check each yacht to exclude unnecessary problems. All of these things take some time and therefore it is only possible to go on board of the yacht from about 3:00 p.m. If the yacht was not away the week before and no service work is necessary, you can go on board earlier, but this must be coordinated in advance with our booking office in Vienna.

17. Will somebody explain me in detail all the boat features?
For the delivery of the yachts to our charter guests, we put together a team of English or German speaking instructors, who will hand over the chartered yacht to you. During the transfer, you get the chartered yacht explained in detail. Please do not hesitate to ask our expert instructors everything that is unclear. Each one of our instructors is responsible for a small number of yachts, so this instructor will know his/her yacht thoroughly and will take care that the yacht is in good condition.

18. Practice / Skipper Training?
If you feel more comfortable to perform the first docking or putting out with one of our employees, please inform your instructor. As soon as our time plan allows it, one of our experienced employees will perform a navigation manoeuvre with you. If you are not sure in dealing with the yacht, we can try to organize a skipper for Sunday and the following days, who will exercises with you until you are confident enough alone to put out to sea.

19. How do I take over boat?
You get a clean yacht with a full tank. You will find fresh linen on board for all crew members, toilet paper in the toilets, a fully equipped kitchen (dishes, cutlery ... ), a dry filter coffee machine with filters, sponge, dish cloths, dish soap and towels. Upon request and for a small fee, we can also provide towels and bath towels for the whole crew on board. All our boats have maps of the Croatian Adriatic, 888 harbours and bays, along with the papers and a tour guide compiled by Offshore Boote. At the check-in, you will receive a tablet PC with plug cable and 12 volt adapter which serves as a navigation system (Navionics software) and can be used of course for all other internet applications thanks to the fixed routers on board and the Wlan. Furthermore, you will find much more useful equipment on board such tools, flashlight, rescue equipment, first aid kit, clothespins, mooring gloves etc. In the engine compartment you will find containers with engine oil and hydraulic oil in case you need to replenish engine oil or oil for the hydraulic units.

20. What kind of dinghy will I have on board?
On board of our big yachts you can expect sporty, water ski suitable rigid-hull dinghies with 3.30 m to 3.70 m in length and with 30 to 40 HP. The other motor yachts also have rigid-hull dinghies on board with 5 HP outboard engines and from 2.50 m to 2.70 m in length. Due to the size and the type of swim platform of our Gobbi 345 "Alfa", only a 2.80 m dinghy without a motor can be transported. All boats have external fuel tanks. The larger motors are Automix motors, i.e. the engine mixes the oil independently. For other engines, the oil must be added to the fuel in the tank in the correct mixing ratio. All dinghies will be explained during the takeover, they will be inspected together with you for damage and started with the instructor to make sure that it works. IMPORTANT: Driving the dinghy is allowed only with a valid driving license.

21. Is it possible to make a last-minute extension of the charter?
If your yacht is available in the following week or before your scheduled arrival, you can, of course, extend your charter. Here it is only necessary to extend the crew list. Due to the takeover on Wednesdays, sometimes gaps arise and we will inform you in time about these gaps, so you can still opt for an extension.




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